home mode

The home module is a web based application that allows users to access and review all the information they collected during the shopping sessions.
The home module is designed to be used on a desktop computer, with a bigger screen than the mobile phone and in a more reflective environment than the supermarket.

Interface details

Home mode is divided in 3 main sections: stats, shopping history and bookmarks.
Stats displays information about personal shopping trends. The interface uses the same design as review mode but with the possibility of accessing more information, such as the complete shopping history, details on single value, links to external product pages.

Shopping history is an archive of all the browsed products. Each time the user checks a product information while shopping, the mobile phone application save the product code, this allows users to retrieve more information once at home.
The archive can be explored by dates and product categories.

Bookmarks sections displays detailed information about products that were bookmarked during shopping mode. User can check different parameters about any product and receive suggestions about similar products with better ethical values.