project aims

The aim of FoodTracer is empowering users providing them easy to read, meaningful data.
There are many issues related to food information. Nowadays shoppers want to know where the food they eat comes from, if it is safe, if it was ethically produced.
Most of the time it is hard to compare different products because the same information is rendered in different ways or scales. Sometimes the required information is intentionally hidden or mystified.
Thanks to the Internet it is possible to access detailed information coming from producers or independent sources, but the information is usually rendered in a way that requires attention and a desktop environment. Standard web interfaces are not suitable to be used in the place where the purchase decision happens, the supermarket.

I believe that a mobile application, connected to a trusted source of information, with an interface optimized for supermarket context, can determine changes in everyday shopping behaviours and, as a consequence, in food industry practices and trades.