YouRTube custom player is an easy to use customizable web video player designed to embed YouTube videos on web sites and blogs with style.
You can choose foreground and background colors from the swatches or inserting RGB values to fit your site's palette, furthermore the stylish flat interface fit well with any layout.
You can also easily change autoplay to on/off, the default sound volume, the buffer time and the size in pixel of your embed player.

With YouRTube custom player you show your visitors just what you want them to see, it disables the annoying YouTube menu that show related videos. Videos embed with YouRTube custom player haven't got the intrusive YouTube logo that covers part of the content nor the full-screen YouTube link.

YouRTube custom player works with an iframe with SWFObject on it, so it respects W3C standards while YouTube embed object doesn't.
For suggestions and questions you can write me at

YouTube URL:
copy the address of the youtube page (ex.
Yes    No
Start volume: %
Buffer time: how many seconds have to be loaded before the movie start
Size: Width    Height
Foreground color: R    G    B
Background color: R    G    B

Copy the above code to embed the player on your web page