background research - information visualization

“Information visualization is the use of computers to interactively amplify cognition, using visual representations.”
S. K. Card, J. Mackinlay, and B. Shneiderman

The Internet provides a huge amount of information at an increasing speed. One of the biggest challenge for designers is to make information accessible and understandable.
I focused my research on visualization of information for everyday users, what Pousman and Stasko defines Casual Information Visualization:

“Casual Information Visualization is the use of computer mediated tools to depict personally meaningful information in visual ways that support everyday users in both everyday work and non-work situations.”

Concept design

Skecth: Visualization of the quantity of sound/noise and energy consumption in a small studio aimed at maintaining a peripheral persistent connection with not-in-office members of the team.


Casual Information Visualization examples

Vizster creates node-link diagrams of social networks on the internet web site Friendster

Wattson displays the amount of electricity being used in your house in real time