user testing

User testing

Several user testing were conducted to verify various aspects of the project.
From content tests emerged that users would like to customize the information displayed based on their personal interests. The 5 chosen parameters were considered interesting by the majority of users, however to meet users expectations was introduced the possibility to filter information by parameters such as calories or price.

For what concern the interaction design, an unexpected result of user testing was that users felt comfortable in using the pointing interface. Since image recognition and augmented reality are quite new technologies it was expected that users could have difficulties in understanding what was happening when pointing objects.
Unexpectedly users of different ages and technological background, resulted comfortable in using the system.

Some problems emerged with an early version of the menu navigation system because it used a non-standard interface, it was then adapted to standard mobile phone navigation conventions.

Any particular problem was found with the design of the interface, the on-screen labeling system resulted clear and easy to use.