the Internet of things

Nowadays computers are the center of different activities for an increasing number of people. Computers are used to play videogames, listen to music, watch movies, browse the web, communicate with other people; they are used at home on a table, on the sofa, on the bed. The desktop paradigm is still in use but it is already obsolete.
All the different tasks computers allows us to do should be done using custom interfaces, both software and hardware, optimized for the context of use.

Our digital life is, at the same time, moving more and more on the Internet, most of the activities that in the past were done off-line now can be done on-line with all the benefits of connectivity. Being connected is opening possibilities never imagined before.

I believe that the current challenge for interaction designer is starting shaping contextualized interfaces, using hardware different from desktop computers and exploiting the powerful possibilities of being always connected.
FoodTracer wants to be a small step towards this amazing direction.