usage scenarios

image copyright Kevin Rohr

Susan is a mum, and she is always in a hurry, she believe in the importance of choosing organic products when buying fruit and vegetables for her family.
When Susan goes shopping in her usual supermarket she knows where organic products are placed so she can quickly pick the right products, but today she went shopping in a new supermarket where products are displayed in a different way, she doesn't have the time to check on the packaging which product is organic so she uses FoodTracer to easily spot organic apples.

Due to recent news about food scares Susan is concerned of checking information relating provenance especially for processed food. Food provenance is a type of information she usually does not check. She uses FoodTracer to quickly have information about local products. Thanks to color coding, even without having a knowledge about specific issues, she has an overview. She trust the information displayed on FoodTracer because she knows they are from an independent consumers magazine.

Susan decide to get more information about food provenance later. She bookmark the products she is interested in so she can check them on her home computer.

At home Susan uses the FoodTracer web interface to check the products she bookmarked and start a web search about food provenance.